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Emo Life: Understanding Emo

The Emo Life: Emo Guidance
The Emo Life is beyond mere words. It's an expression of self, being true to who we are and doing what we believe in. We don't care about what society thinks of us. Why should we? Emo is something we live and is embedded within our very core.

Emos Are Different
Emos get looks everywhere they go. Some looks are from women desiring the Emo boy, lots of looks are from men desiring the Emo girl, while some looks are those of discontent from "normal" people. Eyes roll, heads turn up, and disgust is visible on their faces as the Emo kid just doesn’t fit the mold of a "normal" kid. So, what's the difference between a so-called "normal" kid and an Emo kid? Well, first let us define "normal" according to standard dictionary terminology, normal is defined as:
"conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural."

Obviously, Emos are anything EXCEPT normal, and we wear that as a badge of honor. For those of you who aren't living the Emo life, take some time to get acquainted. Maybe you want to join the ranks of Emos, or maybe your someone just trying to understand what we're about. Ok. No problem. We welcome you here to learn more about us and what we are really about. A good rule of thumb in life is never to judge a book by it's cover, and that couldn't be more true than with Emo. Knowledge is power. Learn.

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