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Emo Hair

Step-by-step Guide to Achieving The Emo Look

Emo Hair 101

  1. Grow Your Hair: Yeah, this may come as a major blow to some of you, but it is crucial that your hair is at least chin length before you start. Any shorter and you won't achieve the desired look. If your hair is not yet this length then be patient and let it grow before you attempt emo hair; there is nothing worse than getting it wrong and sporting a short mullet.
  2. Emo hair is generally very dark or very light so, unless you're an Albino or have naturally black hair, chances are you're going to need to reach for a bottle of dye! Even if you are lucky enough to have the right hair color, you may still wish to consider bright highlights in red, blue, purple or even grey. If you are going to dye or highlight your hair ask one of your mates to help you. Otherwise, invest in a good hairdresser. If you're going to try and dye it yourself ensure you take into consideration the following guidelines:
    • Test a section of your hair first. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry!
    • Make sure your hair is in good condition, especially if you are going to bleach it. If your hair is dry or damaged, dye will completely ruin what hair you do have, and you'll look more scarecrow than emo.
    • Before applying the dye, put some petroleum jelly around your hairline. Yes, you will look completely ridiculous but not as bad as you will look if you dye your skin. Trust me on this one.
  3. If your hair is curly or wavy you could be in for a rough ride. Emo hair is poker straight, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Most emos opt to straighten their hair on a daily basis in order to achieve the basic look. You may wish to invest in permanent straightening; it depends on your budget and the length of your hair.
  4. Once your hair is the right color, the correct length and straight you're ready to actually start styling. For this part you really should visit the hairdresser! Although the best emo hairstyles look like they have been cut by a six year old, there is, in fact, an art to it. Most hairdressers will know all about emo styles but just in case yours doesn't (are you using the same hairdresser as your Granny?) The following may be useful:
    • You'll need layers, and lots of them! The key to achieving great emo hair is asymmetrical shapes and lines. You're looking for a spiky, uneven style. Look to the guys in bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy or Jimmy Eat World for inspiration.
    • Always keep a long fringe. Your hair can be as short or long as you want at the back but you need to keep some length at the front in order to achieve "Emo Sweep"; face covering bangs.
  5. Once your hair is cut into the correct style you should invest in some really good styling products. Shape your hair using a strong gel or wax. Don't worry if your hair looks greasy, this adds to the style and is actually considered a critical element of emo hair.