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Emo Boys

Your Essential Guide to the Emo Boy

Beware The Emo Boy
Although often misunderstood, the Emo Boy is extremely common in today's society. Here's the essential guide on everything you need to know about this mysterious species. Take heed though, if you find one you may just fall in love!

Emo Boy Origins
Emo Boys are thought to have originated from the Washington D.C area during the punk revolution. Short for "emotional", meaning sensitive, the Emo Boy is a descendent of the hardcore punks of the eighties period. Unlike his ancestors, this breed has a straighter edge, generally abstaining from drugs and alcohol and instead choosing to concentrate on artistic pastimes and activities.

Species and Temperament:

Highly attractive to girls, Emo Boys are constantly in demand and are the subject of many crushes and fantasies.

Exceedingly emotional, the Emo Boy is very artistic and expresses a great deal of his emotions through poetry, music or art. This species is very open with his feelings and will not hesitate to declare undying love to the object of his desire. This tactile and loving nature leads to high level of popularity with both the emo and none emo female breeds.

Despite his reputation for winning the hearts of the opposite sex, Emo Boy does experience problems with the female of the species, the Emo Girl, and this can lead to difficult behavior. Such conduct is usually manifested by sulking or sustained periods of solitary activities.

Where Spotted:

Emo Boys are usually found in large groups of emos and they mix well, although their position in the pack is occasionally challenged by the none emo population. Favorite haunts include mainstream coffee shops, shopping malls, game arcades and emo concerts.

Emo Boys also like to spend a great deal of time sifting through the clothes at thrift stores attempting to find retro t-shirts and sweaters which will complete their emo look.

This particular species is extremely easy to spot. Keep on the look out for horn-rimmed glasses, tight clothes and Converse trainers or Doc Martins. The hair is another dominant feature. It is generally jet back with spiked edges and styled carefully in order to obscure the face (See Grooming).


Prettier than the average teenage boy, Emo Boy is extremely style and image conscious and therefore requires significant grooming. The Emo Boy's hair is of particular importance to this species and a great deal of time and effort is required to achieve the desired emo style.

Besides the hair, Emo Boy utilizes a number of other techniques to attract a mate. These include vibrant splashes of color, piercings, dark eye make up and black nail polish.

Another favorite of the Emo Boy is his tight fitting clothes. A mixture of drainpipe jeans, undersize t-shirts, messenger bags and hoodies are worn. These are usually of a black color although occasional splashes of bright colors and motifs have been observed.


Emo boy is generally tall and skinny, a physique that is needed to pull off the tight clothes.

So there you have it, a definitive guide to Emo Boys, happy hunting!